Custom Post Type in WordPress is special post type that you can define yourself. A normal post in WordPress is what appears under the Blog entries. It can be added from the WP admin panel interface. A normal WP post is generally text content along with some uploaded images.

With custom post type you can add more to the default WP functionality of posts. Here’s an example. Consider you want to showcase your projects under the Portfolio section of your website. You would want to display more information apart from just the text content. With custom post type it is possible to have a separate menu called Portfolio in the admin panel. It is possible to define various new fields in the add/edit screen which you want to display on the Portfolio page of your website. For example, you can define a dedicated field to capture the project start and end dates, a field for the project URL, a field for the client name and any other field you like.

The above example can be extended to virtually anything you like. You can have custom post types for Events, Team, Services, News, Music CDs, Artists, etc.

Find out more about implementing custom post types from the WordPress official site.

If you like the easy way out then here’s a very good WP plug-in called More Types. You may also like to check out another plug-in called More Fields¬†which can be used to add new fields to your custom post type. These fields can range from text-field, textarea, checkbox, radio button, WYSIWYG or select box.