If you have been faced by a challenge to secure videos on your website then I am sure you must have heard about the “Unlisted videos” feature from YouTube.com and Vimeo.com. However this feature doesn’t actually keep your videos secure. Once a user comes to a page having an unlisted video, he can see the source code of the generated webpage in the browser and grab the video URL. There’s no stopping him from sharing that URL with others. When you make a video unlisted, you are only telling YouTube or Vimeo to keep the video away from search results. However if someone gets access to an unlisted video he can further share that video.

I came across a WordPress specific solution that completely protects your videos from un-authorised access. This solution also saves server space considering you have very large video files. I am talking about Amazon S3. You just need to subscribe to use Amazon’s S3 services. You can upload your videos to S3 using any tool like CloudBerry Explorer or a Firefox plugin called S3Fox.

You then need this very neat WordPress plugin called “s3flowshield”. It’s available here. It’s not free though. See how you can use the plugin in this video. It allows you to specify the a key and secret available from Amazon so that the plugin can connect to your S3 storage. You can then specify the S3 URL of your video and the rest is taken care by this plugin.

When the page containing the video is loaded, you will notice that there is no way for a user to view the source code of the loaded page and grab the video URL. The plugin uses JavaScript code in encrypted form which eventually displays the video on the webpage.

You can also set the plugin so that the video is made available as a downloadable link instead of an embedded video. In this case you can specify that the video URL should not remain active for more than a certain number of seconds. That way the video link will no longer remain active after the above time limit is reached.

I hope you’ll like this solution.